MAnufacturing COst Reduction
through innovation, training and teamwork.

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1 Day Program Outline

These are suggested topics.
Your program will be customized to address your issues and operations.

Raw Material Tooling Enhancements for Performance
     A. Properties of Raw Material      A. Coating and Technology and Applications
     B. Calculations of Forces Required      B. Lubricants
     C. Understanding the effects of raw material      C. Material Choices
       D. Slug Retention
Forming and Bending Applications      E. Weak or Fragile Sections
     A. Calculating Bend Allowance  
     B. Methods of Forming Pressroom Utilization
     C. Dealing with Spring Back      A. Die Set Up Techniques
     D. Ideas and Suggestions      B. Machine Maintenance
     E. Problems and Root Cause  
  Troubleshooting Dies
Draw Forming      A. Die Failures and Root Causes
     A. Key Factors in Draw Forming      B. Quality of Parts Exercise
     B. Metal Reduction  
     C. Material Control Deferred Issues and Questions
     D. Component Design and Function  
     E. Methods of Separation Closing
     F. Ironing and Sizing  
     G. Ideas and Suggestions  
     H. Problems and Root Causes  
Designing for Performance  
     A. Strip Layout  
     B. Component Design  
     C. Design for Maintenance  
     D. Design for Wire EDM