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1 Day Program Outline

These are suggested topics.
Your program will be customized to address your issues and operations.

 The Distinct Groups of Metal Stamping

Designing for Part Features

     A.  Choosing the Right Process

     A. Extrusions
     B.  Swaging or Coining      B. Countersinks 
     C. Bend or Multiple Bend Forming      C. Dimples and Embosses
     D. Draw Forming      D. Stiffening Ribs and Gussets
     E. Deep Draw Forming      E. Shaving and Burnishing 
     F.  Blanking and Fine Blanking          F. Lanced Tabs
       G. Coined Ribs and Features
Part Design  
     A. Experimenting and Prototyping Deferred Issues and Questions
     B. Automation  
     C. Dimensioning and Tolerance Closing
     D. Quality Expectations  
     E. Engineering Changes  
Estimating and Quoting  
     A. Buy/Make Decisions and Sourcing  
     B. Estimating Costs using ProQuote  
Tool Design  
     A. Terminology and Descriptions  
     B. Types of Dies and Applications  
Affects of Raw Material on Part Design and Performance  
     A.  Properties of Raw Materials  
     B.  Understanding the Effects of Raw Material