MAnufacturing COst Reduction
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How We Do It

What we do in the training class

  1. Plug holes in the process
  2. Eliminate bottlenecks and redundancy
  3. Identify opportunities for improvements and cost savings
  4. Identify and define short term and long term goals
  5. Deal with problem tools or processes
  6. Map or create die maintenance processes
  7. Look for specific cost saving opportunities utilizing 5S, Visual and TPM techniques

We also address

  1. Controls or lack of
  2. Moral issues, especially between shifts and departments

Specific examples of improvements

  1. Stamping HSLA
  2. Design attributes and ideas
  3. Craftsmanship or lack of
  4. Lubricants, coatings and materials
  5. Reducing actual die construction costs without sacrificing performance
  6. Reduce maintenance times through procedural improvements

How we do it (Kaizen Only)

  1. First day - Visit with key ops people for interviews to collect and review data on various tools and procedures to see what is in place and what is not as well as the content and flow of that data.  Determine and plan corrective actions for any quality, design, tooling and production issues and concerns. This first day is used to help target and focus on your company issues and is part of all programs.
  2. Second day - Dedicated full day of training on "Troubleshooting Dies and Root Cause Analysis". There are several in-class exercises. After the training we form into teams to gather information and data about the processes.
  3. Third day - Dedicated to gathering information collected by team members during their daily tasks. We then have a one hour meeting to collect and organize the data collected.
  4. Fourth day - An additional meeting is used to review , condense, map processes, reformulate and organize all the ideas into a presentation format.
  5. Fifth day - Report all findings and recommendations to management. It is also time for Q & A.
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About MACOR On-Site Training Consulting & Design Client List Customer Experiences Take The Test How We Do It